Podcast Script and Recording

PODCAST 01: Productivity Tips


Hello and welcome back to the podcast where we talk about writing, content creation, digital media, and career-building. I’m your host Ashley and I’m so excited for today’s topic, which is: methods to batch your tasks and time blocking to boost your productivity. 

It took me years of being disorganized and just not understanding why I was, to finally start playing around with different methods and tools. After trying out different things over the years, I can say that planning things out and categorizing tasks makes a huge difference.


Before we dive into the two main scheduling and productivity methods, I feel like I should mention that it’s highly recommended that you use a planner of some sort to schedule your days and weeks. Some people prefer paper planners (that’s me–shout out to Passion Planner who helps my ADHD brain function SO much better).

Okay, so, I am all about efficiency in my scheduling for the day and week, so the first thing I do is batch my tasks by category. For example, I schedule all my Zoom calls with my fitness clients on Sundays. I create Instagram content, organize the photos and the layout and write captions specifically on Thursdays.

 For school, I try to focus on completing assignments for specific classes on specific days when possible. I even do this for household chores, I change bedsheets and do laundry on Fridays, and I sweep, vacuum and mop the floors on Saturdays.

So…why do I do this? Well, it’s easier to keep your brain focused on one kind of task or subject versus switching gears constantly throughout the day. It becomes easier to find a groove. Like with Zoom calls, I can just focus on those client meetings instead of losing momentum and focus when switching between tasks that require different kinds of attention.

The second biggest advice I can give when creating content for your business or working on assignments as a student is to use time blocks also called the Pomodoro method. 

This has helped me immensely with getting in the zone and then avoiding burnout. I set a timer for 60 mins. And during this time I have to focus on a specific task or tasks. When the timer goes off, I set a 15 min timer for my break. 

I can do however amount of sessions I would like in a day and this keeps me focused, because I can’t go on social media, touch my phone or get up from my desk. BUT once it’s break time I can get distracted by Tik Tok or whatever for 15 mins. 

The time block method is totally customizable, so figure out what time blocks work for you. Maybe it’s 30 mins of focus and 10 min breaks.


I have been able to completely change how productive and efficient I am, not just with work and school but also with household chores and completing personal errands. I hope you try these productivity tips out, let me know if you do by tagging me on Instagram and let me know how things are going! Thanks so much for tuning in to the podcast and I look forward to having you here again next week!

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