Writing to Attract The Right Audience: Persona and Scenario Example

SCENARIO ONE: Hannah keeps forgetting to post content daily to her Instagram grid. She tries to create content in advance but most of the time ends up scrambling in the moment to find a photo and type out an informative caption to go with it. This means that a lot of the time she is posting just to post and isn’t necessarily sharing high-quality content. She would like to figure out a better system to create content in advance and have a posting schedule with high traffic times for her audience.

SCENARIO TWO: Hannah finds herself unsure about how to create content that will keep potential new clients on her page, and or to get them to follow her. She wants to create content that builds on one another and that ultimately gives a lot of free value but needs help with figuring out what kind of content to post (workout videos, walking the walk, meal recipes, etc.) and how often to post each type. 


Top 3 Tips for Planning and Scheduling High-Quality Instagram Content:

  1. Planning content for Instagram can feel overwhelming but it is important to plan out the general themes or topics for each post. This can be done in about an hour for a month’s worth of content in advance. 
  • It’s important to stick with main topics and rotate through them throughout the month. 
  • Topics could include workout video, leadership/ walking the walk, Selling, and a useful tip or myth-busting on a trendy topic.
  1. Using post planning tools can help you see what photos look like on your Instagram grid before you post. 
  • This can help create a cohesive and aesthetic feed.
  • Great planning apps to use are Planoly or Preview.
  • Planning apps can also help you schedule posts in advance, though it is often better to live post and be able to interact with comments ASAP as they come in.
  1. Scheduling specific content creation days can be useful. Batch your content for maximum efficiency.
  • Schedule the same day every week to batch take photos.
  • Also schedule a day for writing captions and then creating working out videos or Reels. So this could look like a photoshoot on Mondays, Caption Writing on Tuesdays, and Tik Tok creation on Wednesdays.

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