Five Tips to Become a Better Writer (for the Non-Writer)

Let’s just jump in and get to the point, here are things you can start doing to help you improve your writing so that you can increase brand awareness, increase engagement online and make more money.

  1. Write everyday. Practice will only help you improve.

2. Reading will help you learn how to structure sentences and get a feel for different tones, voices, and will overall make you a better writer. 

3. Just say what you mean. There is no need for words (big or small) that people, especially your target audience doesn’t use. Get rid of the fluff.

4. Pay attention to how your target audience speaks and writes. Do they use emojis? Exclamation points? Acronyms? Slang? Speak or in this case, write in their language.

5. Proofread and edit…then do it again, and then maybe again. Using tools like Grammarly could also really help. 

Are there any tools you use to help with your writing? I’m interested in knowing about them, leave me a comment below!

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